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Comprehensive examinations are recommended AT LEAST annually to check for health issues that may not be apparent to owners. During a comprehensive examination the veterinarian will examine your pet’s eyes, ears, skin and hair coat, listen to their heart, and discuss any concerns you may have. 

Yes! Mosquitos and fleas are both present year round across the United States, but especially in the Gulf Coast region where temperatures remain warm for much of the year. Heartworm incidence in this region is still very high making year round heartworm prevention paramount. 

It is recommended that a fecal sample be provided at annual/wellness visits, new puppy/kitten exams, and when GI symptoms are present. Only tapeworms and roundworms are visible to the naked eye. On some occasions diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss are symptoms of intestinal worms but many intestinal parasites go undetected without running intestinal parasite tests. Some intestinal parasites are zoonotic, meaning they are transmittable to humans making routine intestinal parasite testing important to the health of pets AND humans. 

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