Who We Are

Proudly serving the community of Alden, NY for over 20 years.

Hola! Meet the Founders

We Are Jessica & Lucas !

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Our Veterinarians

Trust in the professionals!

Dr. Michael Wilson


Dr. Joshua Bruzgul


Dr. Eric Rice


Our Team

Our staff at Alden Animal Hospital is highly trained and committed to making sure every experience is outstanding.


Laurie Thompson, LVT

Position: Practice Manager, Licensed Veterinary Technician;
Pets: Greyson (French Bulldog), Julius (Domestic Shorthair cat)

Peter Incorvia, LVT

Position: Licensed Veterinary Technician;
Pet: Frank (Domestic Shorthair cat)

Katherine Karrer, LVT

Position: Licensed Veterinary Technician;
Pets: Oliver (cat), Izzy (dog), Marie (cat), Ziggy, Charlotte, and Trinity (horses)

Andrea Waldmiller, LVT

Position: Licensed Veterinary Technician;
Pet: Ellie (Wirehaired Dachshund)

Karen Dake

Position: Client Service Representative;
Pet: Scarlett (Australian Shepherd)

Madeline Dake

Position: Veterinary Assistant;
Pet: Scarlett (Australian Shepherd)

Jill Friedman

Position: Veterinary Assistant;
Pets: Copper (horse), Cole (horse), Floyd and Nova (Crested Geckos)

Would You Like to Stop By ?

We encourage you to stop by and meet with one of our staff members to learn about the innovative wellness programs at Alden Small Animal Hospital. Oh, and make sure you bring your furry friend so we can meet them, too!

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